Fox TV announces that Divador Enterprises will produce a prime time special for airing Monday November 3rd. Executive producer Donna Bouffe describes the two hour show as a celebration of the human voice. “We’re very proud that ‘Sing Like a Fat Lady’ will be seen across America. What better way to celebrate the vocal prowess of large women then to share the best of them and let America elect the winner. It’ll be a pleasingly plump experience.” Voting will be by call in and text messaging. Bouffe expects a large audience and robust voting, “We’ve lined up some heavyweight talent.”

There are reports of resistance from the news division who say calling the election on Monday may be premature. A program executive quoted anonymously said, “Who are we kidding? McCain is toast and they know it. ABC wanted it but was committed to a 20/20 special ‘Hockey, unAmerican or all American?’ When it was brought to us we jumped on it. It’s quite a coup. Tina Fey has expressed an interest in hosting, but we’re just talking at this point.”

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"Election Eve Primetime Special" by was published on October 23rd, 2008 and is listed in Election 08, Satire.

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