The republican party in the US House of Representatives has officially given up trying to repair the economic disaster unfolding in America. In a vote today on H.R. 1 the Grand Old Preventative (GOP) determined that none of their members could support the American people’s need to resolve the current crisis. Speaking on the floor of the House a member from the south was overheard on an open mike just prior to the voting. “My broker told me that I could make 10 times more money if this didn’t pass. Sadly I expect it will, but I can always hit him up for a discount cause I tried, ha, ha.” Asked to explain why his party, The Grand Old Preventative, hated America Dick Armey of Texas responded, “It’s enlightened self interest baby; we enlighten, you pay. What could be better. Say, is that my broker on the phone?”

Rush Limbaugh creamed himself. “We’re winning,” screamed Rush. “Who says ours are failed policies? Don’t they know tax cuts are the be all and end all? The bill may have passed, but we lost and because we lost America lost and the Grand Old Preventative will rise again! We will defeat this attempt to assist the American people, we will not permit it. There will be no stimulus. No more we say, No more!

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"No Mas" by was published on January 28th, 2009 and is listed in republicans, Satire.

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