Our friends at the Grand Old Preventative are proposing a spending freeze.

“We’re advocating that Congress freeze all federal spending immediately,” said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), the chairman of the House Republican Conference, during a Tuesday luncheon at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “People out there are hurting, and they understand what you do when times are tough. You make hard choices. Today House Republicans are urging the Democrats to do the same. We think it’s time that the Democrats put our money where their mouth is.”

The strategy — in its very early stages — presents problems for Republicans who have not received any measurable uptick in support from their opposition to the economic stimulus package. Most of the party’s leadership is on record having supported Bush-era spending packages that grew the deficit. With the exception of a shrinking number of moderate Republicans from the northeast, all of the party’s members of Congress support further tax cuts, which would lead to revenue shortfalls. And while Republicans argue that voters are on their side and opposed to further spending, there are few polls that back this up.

There is no support for this silliness. Besides isn’t a spending freeze what we have now, from both businesses and consumers? It appears these hypocrites (massive debt during dubya’s disastrous tenure) hope to accomplish nothing short of a total failure of the economy.

I agree with Steve Benen, who I believe hasn’t been too shrill on this.

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