Michael Steele, RNC chair, took a hard left to the head yesterday. It came from Democratic candidate Scott Murphy who defeated republican James Tedisco in a special election to fill a House seat left vacant following the appointment of Kristen Gillibrand to the U.S. Senate. Steele’s committee had hoped to win the district, the NY 20th, which is heavily republican. Ever disingenuous the party of bluster and bombast poo pooed the loss.

Republicans downplayed the loss in the special election, held on March 31, as predictable given recent Democratic gains in the district, and more generally in the Northeast. But the party had invested heavily in Mr. Tedisco’s race, and with good reason: Republicans hold a 75,000-vote registration edge in the district, the party’s biggest advantage in New York. And Mr. Tedisco, 58, who was the Assembly minority leader, was a familiar and feisty party spokesman on Albany television, while Mr. Murphy was unknown.

Steele took the defeat as further evidence republicans will “invest the resources necessary to regain our majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.” Regain our majority says Mr. Steele. Optimistic words from a man who just took a left to the head. Will the hard liners of the right count him out following this embarrassing defeat, in a republican district, in traditionally republican upstate New York? My bet is his days are numbered. Say who is that carrying the round sign? Is it Newt in a Speedo or Rush in a tank top? Hard to say with all the smoke and mirrors so it could even be Mark Sanford in tighty-whities.

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