Right after hearing Michael Steele is showing signs of stress I received this story from Linked Press, a service of the Daisand Conphused Group of Companies.

While appearing on a local radio talk show RNC chair Michael Steele spoke on the problems of health care reform.
“Sure,” he said, “we’re against raising taxes, but what we’re really against is death by Democrat.”
Host Armand Asalt was confused, “What? Don’t you mean death panels?
“They want us dead you know, everybody, especially republicans.”
Are you saying Democrats are trying to kill republicans or just regular folks who have health care?”
“They want your freedoms too,” said Steele.
Asalt pursued clarification but Steele continued to insist Democrats wanted to kill republicans.
Aware his audience could be incited to violence Asalt tried again. “Mr. Steele, it appears you are saying Democrats are trying to kill republicans. Have I stated your position correctly?”
“Yes, they want to kill grandma and we all know she’s a republican. Kill grandma and guess who’s next?”
“You and me,” said Asalt.
“Me and you and all regular Americans. They want us dead. Dead! Dead! Dead!”
A full five seconds of silence ensued before Asalt said, “I see we’re running out of time. I’d like to thank my guest republican national committee chair Michael Steele. In our next hour…”
“Armand, before I go. Just a reminder we’ll be handing out rifles and pistols later so citizens can attend town hall meetings assured of their first, second, fifth and tenth amendment rights. You never know when a crazed liberal will accost you with pamphlets on that vile, evil public option.”
“Okay. And now a word from the fine folks at Serenity Centers. When you’re feeling stressed and about to go off the deep end Serenity Center can help. Visit us at itssadreally.org and get your free brochure. ”
“Say Armand, can I have a few of those brochures? One for my friend Glenn and one for my very dear friend Rush. They both could use a rest ya know.”

A spokesman for the RNC said later Steele was taken out of context. “You’re dead wrong,” said staffer Phun E. Monicur. “The chairman believes he won’t die because he has the best health insurance in the world.”

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"Steele Strikes Again" by was published on August 24th, 2009 and is listed in Politics, republicans, RNC, Satire.

Comments on "Steele Strikes Again": 2 Comments

  1. Gene Williams wrote,

    Is this for real? I have thought for some time now that Steele was a bit of a jerk, but this sounds like he has become deranged.

  2. Lahdee wrote,

    It’s Satire Gene.

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