It’s the end of the month and the loon moon is rising, fun and adventure abound.

  • Via The Washington Independent reports on survey from Michael Steele and the RNC that appears to have even republicans “concerned.” One of the questions from the chairman asked,

    “It has been suggested that the government could use voter registration to determine a person’s political affiliation, prompting fears that GOP voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment in a Democrat-imposed health care rationing system. Does this possibility concern you?”

    Yes indeed, I do believe the chairman really does believe Democrats are trying to kill republicans.

  • I hear there is a new social networking site called republicanville. All those fine folks who love flag pins, fox news and anti-intellectualism can now enjoy each other’s company with their heads held high and their guns cocked. Republicanville, where the good guys wear white hats, all the women know their place, grandma hates Democrats and grandpa stands defiantly for guns and butter more guns. We got a hold of a transcript from the organizational meeting, which I think is an indicator of the mindset of not only these folks but republicans everywhere. The highlights as reported by “The Scottsdale Simple: Not Your Liberal Media” included this lively repartee,

    Oh No!
    OH NO!!
    Hell no.
    OH, HELL NO!!!

    Who needs Facebook or LinkedIn now that republicanville has arrived? I wonder if the chairman has signed up yet.

I hear the loon moon next month promises more fun and adventure then ever before.

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