I tried to ignore this story, you know the one where a member of Congress tells a constituent to grow up. Really, Lynn Jenkins, you remember her, told Elizabeth Smith to grow up. Smith asked the Congresswoman,

“I want an option that I can pay for,” Smith told her representative. “I work. I pay my bills. I’m not a burden on the state. I pay my taxes. So why can’t I get an affordable option? Why are you against that?”

Ever classy Jenkins told Ms. Smith, a working single mother,

…go be a grown-up and go buy the insurance.

Really. Not only does Jenkins not care about Ms. Smith, or millions of others for that matter, she demeans her on top of it. How much more of this will Americans tolerate?

Steve Benen makes an interesting observation.

I keep wondering if there might be one game-changing moment in the debate, a turning point in which one person stands up and becomes a symbol for the larger cause.

He is not sanguine it will happen, but one has to wonder why not. The answer can be as simple as the lies and distortions of Fox News that have rotted brains across the country or as complex as confusion over what exactly is proposed for health care reform. Again we can expect Fox to do it’s part to muddy the waters and make reform, ordinarily a beneficial action, into the coming of evil and the downfall of the republic. Are Americans confused and unsure about what health care reform entails? They sure are if CBS News is to be believed.

So is there a game changer out there? How about we have the President invite a White House lawn full of single parents, families who’ve lost insurance through layoff and anyone else who doesn’t earn enough for any kind of health care to stand for a panoramic photo with the caption, “Grownups want affordable health care not condescension and lies.” Too much you think?

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