Many of us enjoy horror movies. Some like the jolt of adrenaline from a sudden shock while some are repulsed by the evil of demons. Finding their ability to shock declining of late the party of NO! is looking to dredge up a new demon or two. They desperately need a distraction because their numbers at the box office are fading.

They burned out death panels early in the health care debate with their ‘Dems will kill grandma’ meme. It could be revived, but even the disconnected look over and see grandma’s still with us. So what’s next, is there any unexploited hyperbole available? I’m not sure the country will accept more of the same. The numbers are trending towards the Democratic reform plan. Americans appear be saying enough is enough, there is no evil here. Further republican name calling, whining and deception will make them look like old, tired, washed up demons. They will have screwed the pooch.

Republicans are left to sit on their hands, reinforcing their ‘noness’ and leaving the heavy lifting to the Democrats (Americans love heavy lifting). They will, however, have plenty of time to dream up new demons; counting on short memories and the earnestness of Fox News to carry the day. Perhaps they’ll unearth a credit card monster for financial reform or a killer coal lump for cap and trade. Then again we may hear folks crying, “Look! Under the rock, it’s a republican! Ewwwww.”

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"Demons" by was published on March 16th, 2010 and is listed in Healthcare, Politics, republicans.

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