I called my Congressman today, Harry Mitchell of the 5th CD. Got a lovely young man on the line. We established my name and that I was in fact a constituent (I’m in the database). I then went on to urge that the undecided Congressman Mitchell support the Speaker and the President in their effort to get Health Care Reform passed.
The staffer thanked me and assured me he would pass it on. I then said I hoped he would urge the Congressman to read CNN’s piece from today, “Would health care changes be felt immediately?,” which lays out provisions that would take effect in the first year after passage. Included are the elimination of coverage caps, dollars to provide coverage of uninsured Americans with pre-existing until full coverage requirements become effective and small business tax credits among others. I said it would be a nice to bring those accomplishments with him the next time he came home.

The fine young man thanked me again and we ended the call. I sure am glad he updated my information so they’ll know it’s me when I call after CBO releases it’s numbers.

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"Calling Harry" by was published on March 17th, 2010 and is listed in Congress, Healthcare.

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