Joe Conason has a piece up at Salon entitled What Democrats must at last learn from the GOP. It includes a simple message about political reality on the right,

Republicans rarely worry whether they look bad to anyone beyond their narrow ideological base.

It’s a reminder to Democrats that whining from republicans about the House’s approach to Health Care Reform isn’t a bad thing. No, whining is merely a distraction. As Mr. Conason writes it’s not about the process it’s about

…dismantling the progressive achievements of the past century via permanent one-party rule.

Passage of health care reform would be a progressive achievement (in the broadest of sense) and that’s not acceptable to republicans.

This time Americans have a dog in the fight; no manufactured slights, no nonexistent weapons, no boogie men with funny accents. It’s about family, and if Americans have learned anything about republicans it’s that they don’t want the same thing families want; reasonably priced health insurance without gotchas and exclusions. A defeat of republican obstructionism will say loud and clear that the Democratic Party means business.

Conason is correct of course, if the Democrats stick to their guns and get this done they will open themselves up to possibility of respect from voters. Yes, that’s right, respect. There’s nothing we like better than making a bully look bad. The republicans, who have lied and bullied throughout the effort for health care reform will have been defeated. How could you not like that.

As Joe makes clear it’s simple really, pass the legislation and republicans be damned.

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"Damn the Torpedoes" by was published on March 17th, 2010 and is listed in Life in America.

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