As the House nears passage of Health Care, H.R. 4872 – Reconciliation Act of 2010, Congressman Harry Mitchell of the Arizona 5th CD has yet to declare his intentions.

Yesterday he voted in favor of a republican resolution to require separate votes by the House on the Senate Bill and the Reconciliation bill. He defended his position in a statement on his House website.

“Today we were presented a vote to ensure health care legislation brought to the floor is done so in regular order. Regrettably, that effort was defeated. As a former government teacher and lifelong student of government, I have always believed in fair play and regular order in the House of Representatives. Critical decisions on health care reform must remain a debate on substance, not gamesmanship.

I hesitate to remind the Congressman that fair play is an anathema to republicans. As a former member of the Arizona State Senate I would expect him to know better. Gamesmanship is regular order for republicans, just check with the minority leader’s office to get your fill of it.

His vote against financial reform, H.R. 4173: Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009, and yesterday’s vote to support republicans are at best troubling for his supporters. Voting no on such a basic Democratic position as Consumer Protection? The Democrats had the votes so it’s possible Harry, who decried the increase in government, wanted to look good for the Libertarians. Politically smart, but no on Consumer Protection? Come on.

You can’t dodge this one Harry. A no vote now will not get you relief from the right. The republicans aren’t interested in your support, they’re interested in your seat. Even waiting to see if the Speaker has the support and then voting no won’t save you. The republicans will hang your 2009 vote around your neck and gleefully toss you into Tempe Town Lake.

Do the right thing Harry, proclaim your support now for the Speaker, the President and the people of the Arizona 5th CD. Vote Yes on Reconciliation.

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"At a Loss" by was published on March 19th, 2010 and is listed in Congress, Election 10, Healthcare.

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