Just got this email from Metanidiot Media. I wonder if this is televised.

A Metanidiot Media Exclusive
By Jon Brackett

The underdog had won at the buzzer in round one. The defeated though highly ranked favorites played fiercely, but in the end didn’t have the numbers. In a display of pique they refused to shake hands and stormed off the court. At a post event press conference their leader promised to take down the refs and then go to the underdog’s home towns and badger them mercilessly. The media scratched their heads in amazement and then proclaimed the favorites, despite loses going back to December, still the favorite.

Round two began in earnest Thursday. It is expected there will be a clear winner by Sunday afternoon. In a desperate attempt to ward off success by the underdog the favorites are piling it on. There’s hyperbole, deception and fantasy facts to beat the band. Their leader has promised a scorched earth policy, “NO!,” he proclaimed. “This isn’t fair to favorites everywhere and America doesn’t like it.” This despite America’s known love of the underdog. Observers are beginning to wonder if the favorites have lost it.

The favorites expect further developments will muddy the waters in advance of Sunday’s showdown. Some pundits predict unnatural events like man on horse if the underdogs advance, some expect Armageddon on Monday. Most believe the favorites will not accept the outcome should they lose and will continue plotting destruction of the underdog.

Regardless, observers expect the commissioner will anoint the underdogs winners of ‘America’s Come From Behind Award’ when he signs their dance card following the event. The favorites are not expected to attend the ceremony.

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"Upset Developing" by was published on March 19th, 2010 and is listed in Life in America.

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