David Weigel has a piece up at The Washington Independent entitled “Scenes from the Code Red Rally.” He reports he did not see the smears and epithets some sites are reporting. He looks past the sense of pessimism displayed by the speakers, and also by some of the attendees.

Many Republicans who spoke out at the rally — far more came there than had been announced — acknowledged that passage was looking more likely.

“Regardless of what happens tomorrow,” said Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), “do not lose faith!”

“Regardless of what happens tomorrow,” said Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), “we will be here!”

“We will be here,” says Mr. Kingston of Georgia. Does anyone doubt they will?

While ‘Deem and Pass‘ has been removed from consideration the Democrats can also expect challenges on 10th Amendment grounds and to individual mandate. Surely republicans will find more to go to town on; the minority leader Mr. McConnell threatened to make obstruction look like child’s play next week.

There’s also talk of multiple points of order and amendments that republicans have planned for next week.

As the tea partiers age their masters, the ones hiding behind front grass roots groups, those in search of other rocks to throw at the process, more distractions to be thrashed by talk radio and Fox News and further legal grounds to challenge HCR, those masters will be seeking replacement movements for the tea partiers. Sure, the tea partiers may be aging out, but willing dupes can always be unearthed to carry water for the cause; whatever it is this month/year/election cycle.

So even if Democrats win the day in the House they still face a determined opposition, willing to do what ever it takes to defeat their agenda. The only way Democrats can prevail in the long run is to keep the degree of focus republicans display every day.

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