The loss of the PA12 special and the unhinging of Rand Paul’s candidacy has become cause for concern at republican party headquarters. Reflecting the importance of the situation RNC head Michael Steele chaired an urgent meeting this morning to discuss how to move forward.

Afterward Steele blamed the media and then admitted the party needed a new path, “We think it’s time to remake our approach.”

What will the new approach be?
“The koolaide formula is going flat and needs replacement. We’re hoping to have a batch reconstituted in time for Rand Paul’s MTP appearance on Sunday. What he canceled? Okay, but we’ll still need a new batch for John King’s show.”

So it’s true what they say about koolaide?
“How do you think we get away with the ridiculous talking points we pawn off on the media? They come for free food and drink so we give them our special koolaide, and donuts. That’s off the record by the way.”

Will the RNC market the new koolaide as a fund raising device?
“What koolaide? Here have a donut.”

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"Time to Reconstitute" by was published on May 21st, 2010 and is listed in Satire.

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