The President is off to the Gulf coast to view the effects of the BP disaster. Although the oil flow hasn’t been stemmed there is still the environmental impact to be addressed. Efforts so far appear to be cleaning of wildlife and placement of booms.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele thinks his membership can offer a more complete approach to the cleanup. He has begun a campaign to solicit their thoughts at the newly created “We Do Better” page on the RNC website. According to a Steele spokesperson ideas will be gathered and presented to the President for his action. “We think some common sense is needed and who better then our members to provide it,” said Melrose Buterbal.

Comments reveal how republicans feel the disaster should be handled.

  • From user noempahty, “does this mean my oil stock will go up?”
  • Member flagpinlvr says, “use dems to soak up oil then burn em in effigidy.”
  • And member PatriotPA4evah thinks there’s a better way, “GET A FUCKING VACCUM!”

Pressed on the seeming lack of practical ideas spokesman Buterbal bristled, “This is Obama’s Katrina, we can cuss about that.”
When reminded the Deepwater Horizon crisis was man made not a natural disaster Buterbal said, “It might be an accident, but we need to blame somebody so why not Obama. Look, there’s an illegal jumping the fence! Quick, over there, a terrorist! SOCIALISM!!!!!”

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