It appears Democrats will ride a message of the Bush disaster into the 2010 cycle. Less than two years since he left the Presidency his policies continue to effect America. Why not take advantage of the memory of what those policies wrought on the country? Some would cite Rasmussen’s latest, which would have you believe the people blame Mr. Obama for the bad economy. Anyone citing those numbers knows Rasmussen leans to the political right. They are also unlikely to acknowledge the bias; certainly not those of corporate media. Regardless, it appears Democratic candidates are looking to refresh voter’s memories of the Bush governing fiasco. Such a strategy could reveal how Democratic policies have brought us back from the brink.

While republicans can use ‘no’ to drum up their base it could prove more difficult to convince the ‘center’ it’s in their best interests. Republican messaging may well be ‘Democrats couldn’t get it done.’ Knowing it’s difficult to disprove a negative Democrats should adopt an anti-no message, something to turn republican naysaying back on themselves. Instead of ‘we couldn’t overcome republicans’ it should be ‘making progress against a legacy of no, not for you.’ Americans may have a short political attention span, but they do remember blows to their pocketbooks. Stirring those ugly memories will help many remember why they voted republicans out in the first place. The idea is to get voters to look under the rock and see the republican slime beneath.

Of course in this day of fair and balanced even the purveyors of the disaster get equal time.

The strategy could backfire for Democrats, who risk appearing desperate by blaming Bush instead of taking responsibility. Former Bush strategist Karl Rove called it a “deadly street to go down” for Democratic candidates who have “no next act” to promote.

Karl Rove? Really? After his vast failures one would expect Mr. Rove to be relegated to the dung heap. Thanks to the Roberts Court corporations who now have an equal voice in the political process are positioned to poison the debate with the help of people like Karl Rove. A couple of million dollars here and there to blur an issue or demean a politician can provide a nice return on investment.

I’d rather see the Democratic party go down pointing out the perils of republican policy then have it roll over and play dead. The damage a republican congress would do to the country is too great. It’s time to remind everyone of how we got here and who is responsible.

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