An assassination attempt was made on a Democratic legislator yesterday. She was gravely wounded and innocent people killed in the attempt. The families of these people are hurting, so too America at large. This is a major blow to our psyche. There will likely be calls for civility in political discourse and for a toning down of the rhetoric.

The media, particularly the broadcast variety, will look to cast the discussion in a bipartisan light; both sides have engaged in vile behavior. The truth of the matter will not be addressed, the conservatives and their many flavors have been pushing the envelope of civility through vitriol and disrespectful actions for some time now. If anything the misrepresentation of “equal responsibility” allows those from the conservative tree to escape unscathed. Why this morning alone I heard a Tea Party flavor republican say, “but the Democrats did it too.” They cannot be accountable because the other side did it too; no sense of scale, no acknowledgment of responsibility, just avoidance. The media loves “balance,” it’s so comforting. (Interesting isn’t it that broadcast and cable media love controversy until it requires accountability, then it’s all “everybody’s to blame.”) Meanwhile the unwashed are left to wonder if it’s still okay to inflame and threaten to the level promulgated by republicans.

Generally there is no appetite for disagreement when we hurt so much. It is so much easier to agree everyone is to blame, we must all clean up our act. Let’s all be friends now and move on. However, it must not be forgotten, it must not be minimized, republicans actively promoted this environment. They are culpable and that must not be overlooked.

Let us not forget who “targeted” Democratic legislators. Let us not forget the conservative cheerleaders who engender inflammatory rhetoric. Let us not forget who supports carrying loaded firearms in proximity to the President. Let us not forget who questions whether the President is a “real American.” Let us not forget the aspersions heaped daily on immigrants and “others.” Let us not forget who promotes “Second Amendment solutions.” Let us not forget who demonizes gays. Let us not forget in the coming days, during all the cries for unity and comity, just who is responsible for the vitriol and focused hatred – the republican party.

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