I love hockey. This is the time of year when fans are in their element, the playoffs. There is nothing like it. Ask any hockey fan and we’ll tell you, there’s nothing like playoff hockey.

I am also a life long NY Ranger fan so you can imagine my delight as the team (one of the original six I might say – yes, I am a snob about that) has won two game sevens to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Can we stand the thought of yet another game seven?

NY Ranger fans are passionate and very vocal. Whether is yelling for a check or cheering a nice cycle we are not a quiet bunch. We are also very good referees, seeing every cross-check, hook, knee, slash or trip the opposition commits even if the referees don’t. And we love a good crunch. For instance in last night’s game the Rangers worked hard to keep the Caps bottled up in their own end. The work along the half boards, behind the goal and at the blue line were a sight to warm any Ranger fan’s heart. They played really well and the fans in the Garden were very loud. It was great.

Tonight LA is playing PHX in the first game of the Western Conference Finals. I can’t watch it. I tried, but I couldn’t stand the silence. I also couldn’t believe it. There was no passion from the fans, no noise. A good rush from the Coyotes didn’t evoke much of a response nor did a very nice save by the goalie. How could they be so passive? How could hockey fans behave as if they were at a golf match? Okay, it’s the desert and very hot (102 at game time), but it’s playoff hockey people!

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