Working in America.

Some say it’s a trickle down world.  Give us the money and we’ll pass it on with jobs. Largess to those who amuse us.

Be glad when we give you a job. Don’t ask for anything else or we’ll invoke the right to work; your options, the door or the floor.

Smile when we rifle through your purse. My, my that pix is very racy, and what of these pills? Are they birth control? tsk, tsk.

Dutifully swipe your badge. Be outsourced quietly. Boxes available for purchase. The guard will show you the door.

The cubby is laminated for our protection.

Don’t steal the staplers, they have GPS. The internet is down so we’ll search your car now.

Answer your phone anytime and all times: come in now for a layoff. No work, no pay, and don’t even think about unemployment insurance. We dispute everything.

Employee relations works for us, tell them everything. The boxes aren’t free.

Don’t like it? Guard!

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"Labor Day 2012" by was published on September 3rd, 2012 and is listed in Election 12.

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