Following his release from the hospital for treatment of a broken arm Sheriff Joe Arpaio appears to be his usual self. Asked how the “toughest sheriff in America” was doing with recovery Arpaio’s spokesman proclaimed, “He’s in good spirits and will be back at his job protecting America.”

The author of a local republican blog reveals the Sheriff’s next move, “He’s going to breakup the sidewalk where he fell breaking his arm and ship it across the border.” Another local republican blamed it on Arpaio haters, “Out of state, paid flunkies created a vicious wind by flapping their petitions and knocking him down. Of course the Democratic Senator who tripped him didn’t help.” Asked how that could have happened the official responded, “They’re gunning for him, but Sheriff Joe doesn’t succumb to paper cuts. He will prevail.”

“I’ve fallen and you won’t get up,” said the intrepid Sheriff.

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"Tough" by was published on March 4th, 2013 and is listed in Arizona, Satire.

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