2/11/2017 – N. Korean missile launch
Sources: Aides working with Trump on Twitter response to N. Korean missile launch. So far they have “very, very bad.” Working on rewrite

President demands Air Force use drones to deliver discount Trump Tower taco bowls to bases. Says Spicer, “He supports the troops.”

Report: Donald Trump orders DARPA to create golf balls he can control with his mind. “I’ll call it the Trump Ball,” he thinks

2/13/2017 – Flynn Resigns
Half way expect to hear Flynn is now in line to be U.S. Ambassador to Russia

2/14/2017 – SBA confirmed
Report: Concerned by the controversy surrounding Gen. Flynn’s resignation GOP has announced an investigation into who stole Brady’s jersey

Linda McMahon promises that every road block she encounters at SBA will be wrestled to the ground or hit on the head with a chair

Fortunately Sean Spicer didn’t find it necessary to make use of his motorized podium today, but be warned…

2/15/2017 – Puzder withdrawns
Trump: I like the 2 state, but the 1 state is also that. Then there’s the 2 for 1 state. We were successful with that at the Trump Grill

Breaking: Trump administration looking to replace Labor Secretary nominee with an even more odious choice

Report: Jason Chaffetz says he investigated the Russian connection to America during a visit to Alaska. “I couldn’t see it,” he said

Breaking: Internet war being waged with Snowflakes. Injures are described as chilling

Trump turns down ESPN request to do NCAA brackets. WH says it hopes to work with ESPN later, perhaps to kick democracy down the road

Report: WH may not fill all its Ambassadorial openings. “Billionaires don’t want to go where there’s no valet yacht parking,” says aide

2/16/2017 – Trump Presser
Could “I’m not ranting and raving” be the new “I am not a crook?” #welltunedmachine

2/18/2017 Rally Florida
After Trump is impeached will he still market Mar-A-Lago as the Southern White House?
Wait doesn’t Jefferson Davis have a trademark on it?

2/19/2017 Last night in Sweden
Report: The WH has requested that after ‘Hail to the Chief’ the Marine Band play ‘Everything is Awesome’ to honor Trump’s well-oiled machine

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