In high level meetings the Trump team was looking for ways to upstage Sally Yates’ testimony to Congress on Monday.

“Have the President do a Hole in One contest at one of his golf courses,” said an aide. “We’ll have scantily clad women as caddies. It’d be a ratings bonanza for Fox.”

Another piped up, “How about the President with cute cats on YouTube? We could call it ‘Pussys with Trump'”

A discussion followed on how many eyes could they draw with a ‘Count the Papers on the President’s Desk’ contest,
a ‘Share your best Libtard put down’ and ‘How I love President Trump, let me count the ways’ poetry slam.

After much discussion the consensus was to let Trump be Trump and have Spicer confuse the hell out of everyone about it

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"Trumpeth the Day" by was published on May 7th, 2017 and is listed in Satire, Trump.

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