November 25, 2010


Why am I finding it difficult to be thankful today? Could it be: A republican House of Representatives that wants to increase the national debt by […]
April 22, 2010

What’s in the Water?

Somebody has put something in the water of Senate Democrats. In a reversal of their wishy, washy approach to Health Insurance Reform the caucus has taken […]
April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. I still remember the optimism and hope it engendered during the first celebration. Other notes: This woman used to be my Governor. […]
March 13, 2010

GOP Warns

When it isn’t saying NO! the republican party is busy warning someone about something. Today it’s a repeat of their “Healthcare is Evil” meme. This time […]
March 10, 2010

If He Was a Republican

So says Dan Greenhaus, chief economic strategist for Miller Tabak & Co. in New York. “If he was a Republican, we would hear a never-ending drumbeat […]
March 1, 2010

Would They Vote for You?

In another example of how republicans look out for middle class Americans this from the Tulsa World, A federal agency announced Monday it will furlough nearly […]
January 6, 2010

Why Banks Suck

As if taking our money wasn’t enough now they want us to not believe what they didn’t tell us not to not believe. Huh? Courthouse News […]
November 14, 2009

Stakes in the Ground?

Democrats may have put some stakes in the ground for 2010. The first would be the President’s intention to seek domestic spending cuts. President Obama is […]
July 30, 2009

Cynic, Me? Nah!

I’m not a cynic, nope, not me. I’m amused by the state of affairs in America. A condition where lunatics run amok getting face time for […]