April 7, 2010

My Favorite Quote Today

In a piece from McClatchy on Michael Steele’s problems, David Bossie, head of Citizens United in Washington, said many of the 600,000 conservative activists in his […]
April 7, 2010

A Path to Net Neutrality?

There may yet be hope for net neutrality. Dday at Firedoglake lays it out. …the FCC could, if they chose, work through the ruling on their […]
April 6, 2010

No Net Neutrality

This can’t be good for freedom of speech. A federal appeals court on Tuesday dealt a sharp blow to the efforts of the Federal Communications Commission […]
April 3, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Animation

From Geoffroi Ridel, “Mon(s)tre.” The story of a little girl and a monster. Enjoy.
April 2, 2010

Line of the Day

From a review by Mary McNamara at the LA Times of Sarah Palin’s Fox show, As a host, Palin brings little besides her name and all […]
March 27, 2010


Sarah Palin has something to say to Harry Reid. “You’re fired!” If she wanted to give him advice on quitting I’d understand, but the failed Governor […]
March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Animation

From Ian Worrel “Icarus & the Tree Herder” a Saturday Animation. Enjoy.
March 23, 2010

Spoiled Brats

Senate republicans have decided that if they can’t take their ball and go home then there damn well won’t be a game. Beginning today republicans have […]
March 23, 2010

All Armageddon All the Time

Micheal Steele was beating the doom and gloom drum Monday. On Saturday Minority Leader John A. Boehner (r-Ohio) spoke on the coming HCR votes, “We’re now […]