December 8, 2009

Yeah, but will they obstruct?

According to a recently released Rasmussen poll tea baggers are more popular than republicans. In a generic ballot against a Democrat the poll found, the Dem […]
December 5, 2009

Saturday Morning Animation

From Gergana Hristova at Vancouver Film School “Witches Brew,” a lesson on warning labels. Enjoy.
December 1, 2009

Sarah Comes to Tempe

Sarah Palin came to the Costco in beautiful Tempe today to sign copies of her book. I dropped by just after the event started to see […]
November 30, 2009

Cheney 2012

There’s talk of a Dick Cheney presidential bid in 2012. Cheney is silent on the possibility (his daughter is not, she favors it). I think he […]
November 26, 2009

Teabag Thanksgiving

We received a Thanksgiving card from someone known to us as a member of TAUNT (Teabaggers United Against Necessary Taxes). Usually messages from this individual include […]
November 23, 2009

More of the Same

It’s been noted on occasion that republicans lie a lot. Some pooh pooh this as liberal media hyperbole and others wail in outrage at the accusation. […]
November 22, 2009

Whose Interest?

I watched parts of the motion to invoke cloture in order to proceed with consideration of health care reform legislation in the Senate yesterday. Admittedly it […]
November 15, 2009

Sunday Animation

No name party (Dennis Beckstein, Patrick Kayser, Marian Sander, Manuel Ritter), transports us to a city where we meet Matilda, a quite inconspicuous old lady.  Enjoy.
November 14, 2009

Stakes in the Ground?

Democrats may have put some stakes in the ground for 2010. The first would be the President’s intention to seek domestic spending cuts. President Obama is […]