Outrage from pundits about Trump's golfing would increase exponentially if only Obama would tag along

Heroes are remembered today; those who served so we might live free. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go into battle, to risk it all. I haven’t, but I have intersected with those who did. Today it is my honor to say thank you to them all.

I enjoy the freedom they and those who gave their life insured for me. My thank you seems so hollow.

Mr. Tom Lee of Grand Rapids, MI says the government owes him $25 Million because he helped find Osama bin Laden.

I helped too by pointing at the TV in 2001 screaming “He’s in the Tora Bora mountains you fools!” Later it was revealed to be true.
In 2003 I warned the TV “He’s not in Iraq stupid!” He wasn’t in Iraq.
And in 2005 the TV was once again the focus of my anger as I bellowed “He’s in Pakistan!” Yep, right again.

So where’s my money?

Following his release from the hospital for treatment of a broken arm Sheriff Joe Arpaio appears to be his usual self. Asked how the “toughest sheriff in America” was doing with recovery Arpaio’s spokesman proclaimed, “He’s in good spirits and will be back at his job protecting America.”

The author of a local republican blog reveals the Sheriff’s next move, “He’s going to breakup the sidewalk where he fell breaking his arm and ship it across the border.” Another local republican blamed it on Arpaio haters, “Out of state, paid flunkies created a vicious wind by flapping their petitions and knocking him down. Of course the Democratic Senator who tripped him didn’t help.” Asked how that could have happened the official responded, “They’re gunning for him, but Sheriff Joe doesn’t succumb to paper cuts. He will prevail.”

“I’ve fallen and you won’t get up,” said the intrepid Sheriff.

From NUPA in Sao Paulo, Brazil, “paulicéia CANTA, TY-ETÊ!” Directed by Céu D´Ellia. How art can rise life awareness above apathy.

A beautifully conceived and produced work of animation art. Via Vimeo

paulicéia CANTA, TY-ETÊ! from Céu D´Ellia on Vimeo.

Working in America.

Some say it’s a trickle down world.  Give us the money and we’ll pass it on with jobs. Largess to those who amuse us.

Be glad when we give you a job. Don’t ask for anything else or we’ll invoke the right to work; your options, the door or the floor.

Smile when we rifle through your purse. My, my that pix is very racy, and what of these pills? Are they birth control? tsk, tsk.

Dutifully swipe your badge. Be outsourced quietly. Boxes available for purchase. The guard will show you the door.

The cubby is laminated for our protection.

Don’t steal the staplers, they have GPS. The internet is down so we’ll search your car now.

Answer your phone anytime and all times: come in now for a layoff. No work, no pay, and don’t even think about unemployment insurance. We dispute everything.

Employee relations works for us, tell them everything. The boxes aren’t free.

Don’t like it? Guard!

Wearing the Over It Glass 2 Skin for Shifter by Buzzdroid