January 10, 2009

Less Than Ten

Over at George Bush is God magazine editor and chief Bill d’Huh is preparing for the final in office edition. He’s hoping his crack writers will […]
January 9, 2009

Doughnut Holes

In Lehigh, Nebraska it was once illegal to sell doughnut holes. An odd thing to outlaw. Perhaps they were viewed like thumbtack hammers or missing sock […]
January 8, 2009

Greenwald on Accountability

Glenn Greenwald of Salon has a piece up this morning on Thomas Tamm, the justice department lawyer who blew the whistle on domestic eavesdropping. Greenwald notes […]
January 6, 2009

Under the Bus

What a great way to describe disposing of a dodgy political relationship, he/she was thrown under the bus. If the bus is electric all the better, […]
January 5, 2009

Monday Getaway for January 5th

Monday is a wonderful day to get away. Sure we just finished a holiday and yes some are getting back to work, but it’s always good […]
January 3, 2009

Reading The News Feeds

I was reading my new feeds this morning and came across some unusual items. Baby born in Minnesota delivers absentee ballots. Canvass board receives complaint from […]
January 1, 2009

Fresh Starts

New Year’s Day is a great time for fresh starts. And so it is with the cable industry. We got an mailer from our provider promoting […]
December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy 2009 to all. The past year was very challenging for many of us. From those who lost love ones, to those who lost jobs and […]
December 30, 2008

Send Kennedy Packing or How to Deal with a Sticky Wicket

Steve Clemons at The Washington Note thinks Caroline Kennedy would be perfect in London as the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Why not […]