December 29, 2008

Republicans Call Meeting

The Hill reports …members of the Republican National Committee have called their own unscheduled meeting without the aid of the Washington-based party apparatus. Apparently they intend […]
December 28, 2008

Sunday Evening Animation

Sometimes things aren’t as they seem, even in space. :::Space Alone by Ilias Sounas::: from Ilias Sounas on Vimeo.
December 27, 2008


We use calendars to check on appointments or to keep track of birthdays and such. While they are useful for keeping schedules they can also serve […]
December 26, 2008

Wearing Black

I’m wearing black on January 19, 2009.  No, nobody died, its just the last full day of George W. Bush’s presidency.  I’ll be mourning the passing […]
December 25, 2008

December 25

Lyrics from the title track of Fiona Apple’s 2005 Album “Extraordinary Machine” says it all for me on the 25th of December. Do I so worry […]
December 23, 2008

Tuesday Night Nerdyness

Weird Al is the best. The man is so much fun to watch. Now, in white and nerdy! White & Nerdy from waymoby on Vimeo.
December 23, 2008


Corporate America has created lots of euphemisms during the past twenty years. One of my favorites is “associates.” Definitions for associate include: To join as a […]
December 22, 2008

Elephant Juice

Despite the economic downturn there is one American business expecting better days ahead. Beverage maker Elephant Juice sees a resurgence. Spokeswoman Bee Juiciee says, “Our brand […]
December 19, 2008

Lessons Learned

Presidents have been known to give farewell addresses as their time in office concludes. George W. Bush though has not made up his mind about that […]