September 20, 2008

McCain Loves Deregulation

Krugman reads John McCain’s article, “Better Health Care at Lower Cost for Every American” and quotes it. Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous […]
September 19, 2008

Campaign announces debate preparation plans

McCain campaign spokesman Joshua Funning reports that preparations for the September 26th debate in Oxford, MS are moving along.  Funning said the Reagan Library was selected […]
September 18, 2008

McCain’s New Recipe for Success?

It’s starting to get away from us John. How’s that Phil? See here, the Times says he’s up by five. Hmmm. White women? Burned out. Colorado […]
September 17, 2008

Bye Carly

Ah geez, John McCain has lost another of his inner circle to diarrhea of the mouth. This time the victim is Carly Fiorina. And what sin […]
September 16, 2008

The Speech

There are others who are much more qualified than I who can dissect and analyze Senator Obama’s speech on the crisis in the lending and banking […]
September 16, 2008

He Did It

Did you see this Phil? Says I invented blackberries. Quick check with Colorado Springs and see if that’s okay. I don’t wanna piss them off now […]
September 16, 2008

It’s a Mystery

Over the last week or so the media has been on John McCain about his honesty and about his judgment. Yesterday as Wall Street was taking […]
September 15, 2008

Joe Admired John, once

Joe on John: Just as George Herbert Walker Bush was nicknamed “Bush 41” and his son is known as “Bush 43,” John McCain could easily become […]
September 15, 2008

Nobody Likes John

Nobody likes me. That’s not true, you’re adored by millions. Just look how many turn out at your rallies. That’s because she’s there. Okay she’s easier […]