July 28, 2008

What, no eagle?

Via Ben Smith’s Blog comes news that MoveOn.org has a new ad out. It’s a spoof on Phama ads. It’s about hope. In the last scene […]
July 28, 2008


The Hill advises that a trailer for Oliver Stone’s movie “W.” is on line. After watching it two questions come to mind, how did this man […]
July 28, 2008

Monday is flag pin day

There are some disturbing names floating around in the ether about potential Obama running mates. Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and Ann Veneman among others; Biden for […]
July 27, 2008

More Pathetic from McCain

From the almost missed it department of Lahdee’s World we are reminded of how pathetic the McCain campaign continues to be. Marc Ambinder wrote on 7/24 […]
July 25, 2008

GOP announces convention schedule

So far the only details are for the first day. Monday, September 1: 2:30 – 10:00 p.m. CDT 2:30 – Rev. Hagee is seen on the […]
July 25, 2008

Oh goodie, it’s Friday

Yesterday John McCain announced his Vice Presidential selection to a crowd of tens in a parking garage in Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately, there was no media present, […]
July 24, 2008

Looking Forward to a Special Visitor

Got a call from my sister’s boy. He’s in prison. Hi Aunt Lahdee, it’s George. Oh hi George, how are things at Rivers Correctional? Eh, ya […]
July 23, 2008

Live by the sword

Robert Novak is a fool, and worse, and useful fool. Useful to the McCain campaign who took advantage of Novak to attract a little news coverage […]
July 22, 2008


I love toast. It’s wonderfully crunchy and it’s great with butter or jam or jelly. My favorite is whole wheat toast, but I can also enjoy […]