July 21, 2008

Monday, there oughta be a law

As if we didn’t know if before, Joe Lieberman is really a republican. During an appearance on faux news he said that if asked by McCain […]
July 20, 2008

Sunday Bird in the Backyard Blogging

This cutie was hanging out in my backyard some time ago and was kind enough to pose for me. Although the pool makes me crazy with […]
July 18, 2008


Ah nuts, we’re not going to have Phil Gramm to kick around anymore. Phil Gramm of Texas Friday night resigned as co-chairman of John McCain’s presidential […]
July 18, 2008

Hold on it’s Friday

A sign of the times. Driving home from work Thursday I was passed by a very quick moving driver in a cream colored high end vehicle. […]
July 17, 2008

Evil Bunnies

I wonder sometimes if Senator McCain listens to what he says. Just the other day he told the NAACP in response to a question about FEMA, […]
July 16, 2008

Wednesday Morning News

“I’m 62, I’m having trouble remembering things.” So says dubya at a press conference Tuesday. I agree with Kagro X, “They can’t get this asshole out […]
July 15, 2008

Tuesday Morning News

Unable to visit Czechoslovakia John McCain has announced that he will be traveling to Siam next month to meet with the king. “He’s got some elephants […]
July 13, 2008

Sunday Evening News

The New Yorker magazine has announced next week’s cover. According to director of design Moppy Whitless, “It depicts John McCain screaming like a girl as his […]
July 13, 2008

Sunday Seattle Blogging

This was the view from my apartment on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, Washington. I was a resident of the Queen City from July of 1995 […]