July 5, 2008

Breaking News

In a continuation of his move to the center/right Barack Obama’s campaign announced today that he’ll be giving his acceptance speech outdoors, in Minneapolis, at the […]
July 4, 2008

July Fourth

Hey, whattya know it’s the Fourth of July. Many folks in the US have the day off, some even with pay. There are those who will […]
July 3, 2008


So it’s Thursday and I’m off work for a nice four day holiday. I’m hoping to get some work done on the main domain lahdee.com. Goodness […]
July 2, 2008


I’ve seen some discussion on the web about what constitutes stupid and how we’re such an ignorant people; Sadaam had WMD, Obama’s a Muslim, etc.. I’ve […]
July 1, 2008


Thirteen years ago today I got on an Airplane in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Seattle, WA. I didn’t know a soul in Seattle and had […]
June 30, 2008


I agree with Kevin Drum, There’s nothing out of line here.
June 30, 2008

Monday Monday

In this country we get to start our work week on Monday. Those of us who still have jobs sigh, we can’t explain why but somehow […]
June 29, 2008

Sunday Liberty Blogging

Ms. Liberty before her refurbishment. I took this photo some years ago. I don’t remember for sure, but I would bet it was in the late […]
June 29, 2008

Casus belli

Casus belli – An event used to justify starting a war. Seymour M. Hersh writing in The New Yorker tells a chilling story of how Cheney […]