June 28, 2008

It’s Unity!

Looking a lot like a 500 pound gorilla “Unity” arrived yesterday in a small New Hampshire town. The residents were stunned and slightly overwhelmed at the […]
June 26, 2008


Or things I don’t understand. Please, can someone tell me why I can’t bring myself to read the Great Orange Satan? I’ve been registered over there […]
June 26, 2008


Glen Greenwald at Salon has done some superior work around FISA. If you wonder whether or not your right to privacy will remain intact then you’ll […]
June 25, 2008

Thursday in DC

So the buzz I expected to begin earlier on the joint appearances of Obama and Clinton has now begun. Chris Cillizza makes the case for selection […]
June 24, 2008

Friday in Unity

Seems that on Friday Senators Obama and Clinton will present their first joint campaign appearance in Unity, NH. Oh, the cute. It’s intent, no doubt, is […]
June 22, 2008

Sunday "Moment in the Sun" Blogging

Sunday has returned, the full moon is past and there is time for a Moment in the Sun. This is my niece Lauren. The picture was […]
June 21, 2008

Saturday Already?

Wow, I just noticed it’s Saturday already. Good day for chores so I’ll do the Saturday thing. I did manage to get the Garden/Pool shed (can […]
June 18, 2008

I got yur reasons

Not sure about Barack Obama? Really can’t make up your mind? Listen to these folks who think you should vote Republican. HT to The No Sin […]
June 18, 2008


I loaded Firefox 3. It’s going to take some time for some of my extensions to update to this version, but most of my favorites are […]