November 5, 2010

A New Approach

Mitch McConnell says his mission is to limit the President to one term, the republicans in the House have decided there will be no compromises and […]
May 28, 2010


The President is off to the Gulf coast to view the effects of the BP disaster. Although the oil flow hasn’t been stemmed there is still […]
November 14, 2009

Stakes in the Ground?

Democrats may have put some stakes in the ground for 2010. The first would be the President’s intention to seek domestic spending cuts. President Obama is […]
September 16, 2009

Guess We’ll Just Have to Keep Him

A lawsuit brought by attorney Orly Taitz challenging President Barack Obama’s legitimacy has been tossed from Federal court. U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land tossed out […]
August 18, 2009


There are many ways to send a message. You can make a call, write a letter, send a wire…oops that was in Grandma’s day, bless her […]
August 17, 2009

Truth or No Consequences

Last week I was concerned about the President citing support by AARP for healthcare legislation. Two days later the LA Times had a piece by Christi […]
August 15, 2009

He loves the Constitution

The President went to Montana for more discussions on health care. This is good. He is the best, most visible representative of health care reform. With […]
July 17, 2009

Bring in the Lefty

After I saw the President’s first pitch at the all star game I groaned. Not because Albert Pujols stepped up so the toss didn’t bounce short, […]
February 18, 2009

Will There Be Howling?

The text of the President’s remarks scheduled to be delivered in Mesa this morning are available at The Hill. Mr. Obama lays out a plan to […]