October 16, 2010

Tea Party Futures

Noting the current crop of candidates can be improved upon for the next cycle the Tea Party is already looking for new faces. A special committee, […]
October 14, 2010

Nineteen Days

November 2nd is nineteen days away and the noise is increasing. The mailings have begun to arrive in earnest and watching local TV imperils one’s understanding […]
July 24, 2010

Saturday the 24th

I was surprised by Ed Schultz’s appearance at Netroots Nation. As I listened to his presentation I was struck by his over the top approach and […]
June 18, 2010

Tea Party Talking Points

In an effort to avoid nasty encounters with the press Tea Party headquarters has released a list of talking points for candidates. A partial listing: Make […]
March 27, 2010


Sarah Palin has something to say to Harry Reid. “You’re fired!” If she wanted to give him advice on quitting I’d understand, but the failed Governor […]
February 7, 2010


It’s been known for some time that Sarah Palin is not the sharpest crayon in the box so last night’s demonstration of her intellectual prowess comes […]