December 22, 2009

Al Franken Punks ’em Again

Al Franken made a living calling out republican BS and taking down their talking points. So it’s no surprise really he’d follow that lead as a […]
December 14, 2008

Is Tweety the New Pennsylvania State Bird?

He’s got a couple of shows on MSNBC, he’s negotiating a contract extension there and it appears he’s considering a run for the Senate from Pennsylvania. […]
October 27, 2008

Palin to replace Stevens?

Following the conviction of Ted Stevens for corruption, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said she may name herself to his Senate seat. While talking with reporters on […]
October 9, 2008

A Party in Disarray

Senator Charles Schummer thinks it’s possible Democrats could have a veto proof 60 seat majority in the Senate in the next Congress. “The wind is more […]
October 1, 2008

Moving to the Senate Soon

It appears that the bailout circus and sideshow is moving to the the other house. The Senate has scheduled two votes on the bailout for 7:30 […]