August 29, 2008


Sarah Palin of Alaska has been named by John McCain as his running mate. I jumped all over her lack of experience, but as BTD reminded […]
August 22, 2008


In honor of Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden here’s some music to celebrate. Jill Sobule’s Supermodel.
August 21, 2008

Joe for Veep

What if Barack Obama picks Joe Biden for his veep? I’m sure he’ll give us some entertaining moments, if nothing else. Who could forget this classic […]
August 19, 2008


The Veepstakers come home to Cape Astrono this month and the residents are excited. “They’re usually exhausted by the time they get here so there may […]
August 15, 2008

Friday Morning News

The RNC has announced that Ronald Reagan will not be appearing at next month’s convention. Elvis is relieved. John McCain in Aspen, “Yes, Phil Gramm is […]
August 5, 2008

Why would she say that?

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, in an interview with Reuters Pelosi was asked whether the Obama campaign had signaled Clinton was out of the running […]
July 31, 2008

Who’s the Veep?

Obama loves to shake things up doesn’t he? There’s that move to a 70K seat outdoor stadium for his acceptance speech, his reining in of 527s […]